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The Art of Buying Art

Art is the most impactful thing you can put in a room.

Nothing makes more of an impact in a space than art, at least that’s what I think! As someone who loves a great fabric or a good-looking piece of furniture; I have to admit that they play second fiddle to art.

Source unknown. Please DM for credit

Art is a loaded word for most, it conjures images of snooty galleries, pretentious artists and huge price tags. While those people and places certainly exist, it really shouldn’t deter you from finding and buying pieces you love, without breaking the bank.

Where to Buy

In my opinion, the best place to buy affordable art is at your local art schools.

Most have galleries where they regularly show students’ work and although not displayed as for sale, most pieces are available, you just need to contact the student, which the gallery will be happy to coordinate for you. Many of the schools hold fundraisers where they auction off student’s work, so that could be something to look into as well. It’s a win/win, you get to purchase at a more accessible price while also encouraging an up and coming artist.

Here are 3 examples of student art from our home:

Beach (2013) by Corri-Lynn Tetz

The Art of Buying Art by Shana Diamond Interiors
ijsberg (this is not a tragedy), 2010 by Simon Belleau


Local libraries, community centres, cafes often have art on display mostly available for purchase. If not, find out the artist's name and google them, chances are they have a website and you can reach out to them directly.

You can also buy art without leaving the comfort of your home. There are a number of websites that sell art. I’m a big fan of Etsy, I’ve bought some abstract pieces for $20, it literally cost me more to frame them! There are also some great photographers and often times they’re able to do custom sizes for you which is great when you have a bare wall to fill. Instagram is another great place.

Jennifer Flannigan Art (Etsy)

The most affordable -- but also the trickiest! -- is art made by kids. I have three kids, and there is no shortage of art that gets sent home from school. Most of it stays in a pile which I eventually get sick of looking at and so it gets pitched into recycling. BUT every so often there is a rare gem, either the choice of colours is nice (not muddy browns with a trace of grey) or the subject matter is interesting, and I have to say these pieces once framed (hello Ikea) or displayed (my favourite pink papier maché pig, below) add an element of whimsy that can’t be beat. Not to mention how proud it makes your kids to have their work displayed. I highly recommend grouping the works together, I have a gallery wall in the den as well as a mini one in the bathroom they use.

What are some creative ways you've used art in your home? Where have you discovered some great finds? I'd love to hear your take on art in the home.


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