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Turnkey Project

What To Expect:

Renovation Plans + Design Overview + Fixtures & Finishes

In addition to creating the Renovation Plans, we can liaise with the Client and the Contractor until the project is completed and the vision is made a reality. 


What is the Renovation Plan?

When a project entails a renovation -- be it a kitchen, a bathroom, (re)moving walls to improve flow, etc. we provide all of the plans needed in order to get bids from contractors as well as permits from the city.  (See details.)


Adding the Design Overview + Fixtures & Finishes


In addition to the Design Overview, this could include:

  • Choosing and Sourcing materials and finishes ie: tiles, wall and floor coverings, plumbing fixtures (bath, vanity), etc

  • The Design of custom cabinetry, fixed furniture, etc

  • Liaising with suppliers and overseeing quality control

  • A Client shopping list 

  • Overseeing the final implementation of design choices including paint, lighting and furniture placement*


*some clients opt to forego this or postpone it to a later date.


The fees for this service vary depending on the client's needs and the scale of the project to be designed.


Your Investment Starts At $2500