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Turnkey Project

What To Expect:

A Turnkey Project encompasses everything:

  • Renovation Plans

  • Design Overview

  • Sourcing Fixtures & Finishes

In addition to creating the project's required Renovation Plans, we can liaise with the Client and the Contractor until the project is completed and the vision is made a reality. 


What do the Renovation Plans entail?

When a project entails a renovation -- be it a kitchen, a bathroom, (re)moving walls to improve flow, etc. we provide all of the plans needed in order to get bids from contractors as well as permits from the city.  (See details.)


What's a Design Overview?


A professional Interior Designer's vision for your space, based on your goals and needs. This could be for a single room or for an entire home. (See Details Here)

What does Sourcing Fixtures & Finishes mean?

This could include:

  • Choosing and Sourcing materials and finishes ie: tiles, wall and floor coverings, plumbing fixtures (bath, vanity), etc

  • Design work for custom cabinetry, fixed furniture, etc

  • Liaising with suppliers and overseeing quality control

  • A client shopping list 

  • Overseeing the final implementation of design choices including paint, lighting and furniture placement*


*some clients opt to forego this or postpone it to a later date.


The fees for this service vary depending on the client's needs and the scale of the project to be designed.


Your Investment Starts At $2500

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