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Styling 101 - Groupings

Oftentimes, when people ask me for help, they think they need a whole bunch of new things when really, they just need to switch things up and consider what they have differently.

As a designer, I must say it’s very satisfying to find new uses for things and, in this day of over-consumption, it feels good to not add to the landfills.

Here are some simple things you can do to add some oomph into your space:

Groupings - a stylist’s #1 trick

Bringing things together to create interesting vignettes

I find that a lot of people have a tendency to collect things, sometime unbeknownst to them even! Do you tend to save those interestingly-shaped or coloured jars instead of putting them in the recycling bin? Or have you ever you keep those empty perfume bottles because they were so pretty? Putting those things together in groupings can look visually interesting and also give you a happiness boost because it is displaying things that give you pleasure.

via Shana Diamond Interiors

I have grouping all throughout my house. On my kitchen windowsill I’ve grouped together my potted plants:

Grouped potted plants in kitchen window
via Shana Diamond Interiors

Here's another kitchen example from Heath Ceramics:

In my upper cabinets I display my collection of white kitchenware (many of which I’ve picked up at garage sales).

White kitchenware on display
via Shana Diamond Interiors

Here is a beautiful front entry from Blackband Design:

Here's a a gallery wall in the office, via iLevel Inc.

In the living room I have stacks of books arrayed strategically. Doing this creates little moments.

Coffee books on a tabletop
via Shana Diamond Interiors

Heck! Sometimes I group my kids' lego creations together or a tabletop or windowsill, it makes for visually interesting vignettes!

Lego creations on display on windowsill
via Shana Diamond Interiors

Advanced groupings:

Another trick is to put your groupings on a platform, such as a book, a tray, or a cutting board!

Perfume bottles on a marble tray
via Shana Diamond Interiors

It could be pairing similar objects like a stack of books that are close in colour and/or shape, or a cluster of candle sticks. If you have perfume bottles they look nice grouped together as well.

Here's an example vases grouped on a tray (and another group of straw items) from The Makerista:

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