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Styling 101 - Flowers & Plants

Flowers are probably my favourite thing to buy and I don’t discriminate: I buy them at the grocery store, at the florist, at my local farmer’s market, Costco, anywhere! I also cut them out of my garden, but I’m always conflicted doing so because then I have fewer to look at outside!

There are so many good spots for adding visual interest with flowers and greens.

I love flowers because I find they are such an easy way to add a bit of luxury to your life.

By Kathy Kuo Home via Domaine

A single bloom in a little vase (juice glasses are often the perfect size!) It adds an extra little touch to your décor.

For centrepieces, I often buy a couple of packs of flowers at the grocery store, for $20-$30 I get a huge bunch of tulips (in the same colour) that create a beautiful arrangement that looks way more expensive than it cost.

A Tip:

If you want to get your flower money to go a longer way, I either cut them short and put them in a smaller shorter vase, or I use fewer blooms and let them lean to one side. They create little sculptures for your table top.

Plants Finally Getting Some Love

Plants have started to make a comeback. A few years ago, you would never see a photo of a plant in any design magazine, whereas now they’re having a serious moment and deservedly so!

Firstly, they’re more environmentally sustainable then their flashy cousin, the cut flower, but they also have the benefit of purifying the air. From a design perspective, they add a sculptural quality to a space and not to mention a dose of the colour green.

One thing to keep in mind is where you will be putting your plant, because the amount of light really does matter.

PSA: Please don’t make the same mistake as me and buy that gorgeous fiddle leaf plant only to watch it die because it didn’t get enough sunlight.

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