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Styling 101 - Using Trays

Trays are the workhorse of design, they can do so much toward making a room look put together and they can also create some great looking vignettes.

Trays go hand in hand with groupings because they “corral” objects together. For example, I’ve put all of my perfume bottles together on a tray, it acts as a frame to the bottles and it gives that extra layer for an overall more put-together look.

Perfume bottles on a tray
via Shana Diamond Interiors

Of course, they’re great for transporting things, as their original use would denote. Putting a bunch of appetizers or wine glasses on a tray, makes a nice vignette but is also the best way to bring things from point A to point B.

My Secrets for Using Trays

In my opinion, the simpler the tray the better, that way it places the emphasis on the items being grouped.

Trays can also be used to create a hard surface on an upholstered ottoman or bed, it converts them into a side table! I like to put one down when I’m hosting so that someone can put a glass down.

From now on, don’t bother with those plastic trays you keep stored in a kitchen cupboard, treat yourself to a nice one!

My tips:

  • Stick to a rectangular or circular one as they’re the most versatile

  • You don’t need to go too big either: 12"-15" for a living room or

  • 6” for smaller items (like on a nightside table or bathroom counter)

I promise you’ll get a ton of use out of it and have fun putting together different things!

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